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"With "Milking The Masses" Mind Patrol show that they can definitely compete with the greats of the genre."

- Crossfire Metal

Thrash Metal, label «In Your Face», meets catchy melodies and sing-along-vocals in the choruses - that's Mind Patrol. The Swiss quartet wanders on the ridge between crunchiness and complexity and has earned a reputation as an energetic live band. Due to their no-nonsense self-released debut album "Against All Predictions" (2018), they gained a considerable reputation in the Swiss Underground metal scene.

Mind Patrol have played over 100 gigs in 8 European countries since 2014. They supported international bands like Raven, Skull Fist, Tim "Ripper" Owens", Night Demon, Evil Invaders, Striker, Crisix, Stallion, Cauldron or Dust Bolt. They have also played with established Swiss metal acts like Poltergeist, Battalion, Gomorra, Burning Witches, Comaniac or Hellvetica.

The Corona crisis stopped further activities in the tracks und the band decided to use the  time off  in 2020 to record their new album "Milking The Masses" with Toni Watzinger as producer at Music Passion Studio in Biel, Switzerland. Four single releases between 2020 and 2022 bridged the time inbetween albums and helped to consolidate the Metal fan base with four powerful videos which accompanied the singles  "Liars To Impale" (2020)  followed by  "Hell On Earth" (spring 2021), "Habits Over Ethics" (fall 2021) and "S.O.S. (spring 2022).

The album "Milking The Masses" shows MIND PATROL in their prime presenting powerful thrash metal with catchy hooklines and progressive influences.

The lyrics are a mirror of scary times where the old system we have been living under is shaken to its core. The album adresses the dystopian tendencies we are all facing now, threatening a future of digital slavery modeled on the chinese way of people control. The album cover  art of "Milking The Masses" reflects this and S.O.S., the pre-album release single, delivers a visual punch showing  people chained like farm animals and connected to tubes and other high tech atrocities,aptly visualising  a horrifying future.

With "Milking The Masses", MIND PATROL have come to stay, and as  regular live shows are possible again the five Swiss guys will blow your head off live!

"That's what this style has to sound like and that's how this sound actually finds possible successors to the great heroes."


- Metal Factory

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