About us

Thrash Metal, label «In Your Face», meets catchy melodies and sing-along-vocals in the choruses - that's Mind Patrol. The Swiss quartet wanders on the ridge between crunchiness and complexity and has earned a reputation as an energetic live band. With the debut album "Against All Predictions", released in 2018, the band received many great reviews and was thus able to attract international attention.

Mind Patrol have played over 80 gigs in 8 European countries since 2014. They supported international bands like Raven, Skull Fist, Tim "Ripper" Owens", Night Demon, Evil Invaders, Striker, Crisix, Stallion, Cauldron or Dust Bolt. They have also played with established Swiss metal acts like Poltergeist, Battalion, Gonoreas, Burning Witches, Comaniac or Hellvetica.

The History of Mind Patrol


In late 2011 Christian and Yves had been jamming together when after a while of jamming, the first song ideas appeared and they decided to construct a band. After they had found a band room which appealed to their taste, they went out on the search for other band members.


Early in the year Cany and Keanu joined the band on the drums and bass guitars and Mind Patrol was officially founded, and they continued the songwriting process together. After having written the first few "Masterpieces" they wanted to add vocals to their repertoire. After a long search and many unsuccessful resumes: Sasa was found and came to introduce herself to Mind Patrol. When the men had heard her they were determined to go on with her as the lead singer. And so Mind Patrol was completed and the music could be composed to perfection in the eyes of the bandmates.


Over the holiday season of 2012 Mind Patrol recorded some songs, but this stuff will not be released. Mind Patrol's website and facebook page have been published since March of this year. On the May 11th, Mind Patrol had its first gig. In June 2013, Keanu and Cany leaved the band due time reasons after playing 16 months in Mind Patrol. In July 2013, only a few weeks after they left the band, Dominik was introduced as the new drummer of Mind Patrol. In September 2013 Emil joined the Mind Patrol as their new bass player and the lineup of the Band was completed again. In October 2013, the first show with the new lineup was already taking place. In late November, the band had do say goodbye again. Sasa leaved the band, to focus on her education and other projects.


After many attempts to find a matching voice, Mind Patrol decided in March 2014 that founding member and rhythm guitar player Yves would take the role of the lead singer. In July, Dominik left the band due to time constraints and was replaced by our current drumer Mättu. In August 2014 the band had its first major show by sharing the stage with Ex-Judas Priest singer Tim Ripper Owens. The band played a lot of gis till the end of the year. In december, Mind Patrol had a very successfull gig at the Metal Apocalypse.


In the year 2015 the band played more gigs that ever before. Alone in the first half of 2015 Mind Patrol played as many gigs as in the whole band history before. Many smaller gigs in Switzerland were played and also a gig as support of Skull Fist and Evil Invaders. Mind Patrol also played at Bonebreaker Mayhem along with big metal bands as Unearth, Alestorm or Civil War. In summer 2015 the band took its first steps outside of Switzerland and played three sucessfull gigs in Belgium. After playing a couple of shows in fall 2015, for example as support for Raven, the band decided to take a break from live shows until spring 2016.


The first show of 2017 was a gig at the Swiss Metal Masters Festival. The band was in the spring / summer 2017 in the studio, but also played some gigs around this time. In autumn the band was a lot on the road, for example they played gigs with mit Stallion, Gonoreas and Transport League and also two shows in Belgium.


Spring 2017: Mind Patrol plays two headliner shows as well as gigs with internationals bands like Night Demon, Cauldron or Ruler. In september, a dream came true and the band could play a gig at the legendary Z7. Until the end of the year, the band played several shows and began to prepare for the recordings of the first album.


At the first weekend of January the band played two big shows with bands like Dust Bolt, Broken Fate and Endlevel. After that they started recording in the studio.

The band played the Swiss Metal Masters festival along bands like Poltergeist, Gonoreas and Hellvetica in spring. Finally, on the 20th of April 2018 the debut album "Against all Predictions" was released with a show in the full Treibhaus Luzern.

After a lot of shows the band toured with Irony of Fate in Eastern Europe in Fall 2018. They also supported Burning Witches at their album release shows and shared the stage with Skull Fist, Striker and Ambush.


In early 2019, Emil announced his departure from Mind Patrol. After further shows in spring and summer, Emil played his last show with Mind Patrol in autumn 2019. The first show with the new bass player Fäbu followed in December 2019.


After the first successful shows together, Fäbu was announced as the new bass player in February 2020. Sadly, cause the world-wide pandemic the band was only able to play one more concert this year.

Meanwhile, songs were recorded, a new image and a lot of work in the background was going on. In November the new era began with the new single "Liars to Impale" and was a full success.


The year contiunued without any concerts, but a lot of work in the background.